We are owner of the idea and the pioneers in Egypt and the Middle East Established since 2002
( Exclusive agent for German El Borg for moving furniture factory )

El Borg for moving furniture
El Borg for moving furniture
El Borg for moving furniture
El Borg for moving furniture
El Borg for moving furniture

Elborg international company.... a success story ( It is not coincidental )

in 2002 Egypt was the first country to attract this technology after European countries Through "-BORG INTERNATIONAL COMPANY" with an exclusive authorization from Germany factory and company "PAUS" .

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We represent the following:


-Lifting and landing services for chattels from or toward the eminent (High) decks

-Furniture and all types of cabinetworks (household, office and hotels furniture)

-All sized and types of the Electrical and Electronic devices

-Glass, Gypsum, Wooden boards and slabs of Marble and Granite.

-Medical, sporting devices and special equipment of hotels and hospitals

- Artifacts, Antiques, Electrifier (Najaf) and musical instruments and piano

- Transfer of luggage inside Egypt with the services of dismantling, installing and packaging of furniture.



We provide you with full protection of your chattels (goods) against:


- Internal traction (friction) during lifting on stairs by the manual labor

- External traction during lifting by wire cranes and ropes

- Make up for lost and waste time during lifting and landing processes

- Worry about chattels from negligence that will lead to marble and glass fracture

- All cars are equipped to transport luggage and keep it from shocks and fracturing

- Professional and trained team by the hands of experts and technicians regarding lifting and landing of chattels




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