Urgent  and  Important  warning

Of our goals and to ensure that we supply and the develop our  country with effective  modern technology , and this is what we sought before our arrival from  France to the home in 2002, and after he was chosen the Arab Republic of Egypt without the other Gulf countries and the Arab to be unique to this modern technology, and through the use of latest machinery and equipment available to the European markets - and attract the talent required to complete the work in a satisfactory manner to our valued customers and raising activity inside  our country.

And in terms of our belonging to the homeland, so we hope our valued customers and the general public when dealing of inquiry and full care to get a real company and safe.

El-Borg Int. Co. (the exclusive agent in Egypt for the German company specialized in the manufacture of these winches (Paus) warns against.

From some quarters that seek or newly entered in this activity as it imports winches scrap from Europe by scrap dealers to work out in the Egyptian market and is working on these machines and equipment labor           is not qualified or trained, which led to the death of some people and destroying and damaging some portables customers

Also, these quarters  are falsifying the facts and evidence that they are using our written , figured  or  electronic  Advertisements by Copy & Paste

So we ask you when dealing with these quarters to take into their consideration with the following:

- Choose certified company officially from the state and the law is working through official papers such as CR and tax card and security certificates (safety).

- Non decoying tocheap prices without ensuring the safety of the equipment where they use scrap equipment and unsafe and untrained labor and have no form of legal action in this field.

 - Going to office of the company that you deal with it to make sure that it has a fixed place and has access to the equipment, which will implement the process and make sure about its safety.

- Make sure that this company has technicians dully specialized and trained well in the said field.


Also note  that  El-Borg Int. Co. worked  at the European market since the seventies and in the Egyptian market since 2002 and has established this area and its headquarters steady in France and another residence in Egypt 35 Obour Buildings - Salah Salem / Alexandria 19 Sidi Kamal Street Mandrah / This is in addition to the an authorized service center for maintenance of industrial winches in Badr city and is the only company specializing academically German technology of modern hydraulic levers that link to high  storey's


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Chairman of board of directors

Eng. / Gad  Hasaneen



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