Who is Elborg international Company



El-Borg International Company

(Our success story is not fortuitous)


This idea was sent forth to Egypt since 2002 that have been allured via German company called PAUS  by Engineer/ Gad Hasaneen and after deep thought and search in the culture of the Egyptian citizen and the limit of his acceptance toward the modern technology , then El- Borg International company was established ,The company name and the owned trade mark were chosen carefully and in line with our company activities The said German technology was introduced to Middle East , especially the Arab Republic of Egypt via El-Borg International Company


We represent the following:  


- Lifting and landing services for chattels from or toward the eminent (High) decks.

- Furniture and all types of cabinetworks (household, office and hotels furniture)

- All sized and types of the Electrical and Electronic devices

- Glass, Gypsum, Wooden boards and slabs of Marble and Granite.

- Medical, sporting devices and special equipment of hotels and hospitals

- Artifacts, Antiques, Electrifier (Najaf) and musical instruments and piano

Transfer of luggage inside Egypt with the services of dismantling, installing and packaging of furniture -


We provide you with full protection of your chattels (goods) against:

- Internal traction (friction) during lifting on stairs by the manual labor

- External traction during lifting by wire cranes and ropes

- Make up for lost and waste time during lifting and landing processes

- Worry about chattels from negligence that will lead to marble and glass fracture

- Professional and trained team by the hands of experts and technicians regarding lifting and landing of chattels

- All cars are equipped to transport luggage and keep it from shocks and fracturing

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